The ultimate live music and shows for weddings, parties, and corporate events in Los Angeles

You want a special memory played? You got it!
You want us to perform the soundtrack to your life? You got it!
You want a live performance of that special song for that special someone? You got it!
Whatever the event, you want it to be magical and memorable for all your guests.

Through the latest hits and on to those big party bangers that get everyone up and dancing, we’ve got you covered from romantic classics.

Whatever the occasion, whatever your musical preferences – you call the shots!
We supply a variety of musical entertainment to suit all types of events and all venues. All sets can be fully tailored to your needs to make sure you have a night to remember.
We’ll work with you to create the perfect setting for your event.
Why not take advantage of our 20+ years in the music industry with musical entertainment that will last long in the memory of all attendees and make sure your event goes down in history.
Not in LA? Don’t worry. We’ll come to you. We love taking our set on tour and will travel across the US and internationally, sharing our love of live music and bringing a touch of our unique style to your event anywhere in the world.

Combining live music, DJ’s, and singers, Brunell’s Entertainment offers a fantastically versatile choice of live music to enhance your event.
Simply filling the dance floor isn’t enough – you want music that everybody loves, music that gets the party started and keeps it going!
And that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.
There is nothing we love more than performing live music.
From background music when greeting guests to concert-style performances when the night really gets rocking, our musical versatility means we have everything covered.
All our sets are jam-packed with classic songs, huge hits, and any tracks that you request. We leave no stone unturned when planning the performance for your big night.
Entertaining international crowds of music-lovers, party-goers, and all-night dancers is one of our specialties.
We’ve performed at functions all over LA and have built up a reputation as an epic live act that brings more than just music – we bring passion, joy, and a whole lotta dancing!